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Connect Wallet


Frequently Asked Questions

What is FAUCET?

It’s a unique opportunity to get free NFTs, especially from new collections. All the collections that advertise through our platform let our users win a few of the NFTs for free.

Is it service-free?

Of course! There is no fee for the faucet. You have the chance to get free high-valued NFT every 24 hours.

When I can expect to receive the NFT?

You will receive the NFT within 8 hours of receiving it in the faucet.

What is the transaction fee?

There is no transaction fee.

Do I have to do any registration?

Simply no. If you want to claim free NFT you don’t have to fill out any registration.

How to connect my Phantom wallet to your service?

Just simply click on the button Connect Wallet in the left corner. You will be asked for permission and after that, you can try to get free NFT.

Where can I see the NFT I got?

You will see your NFT in the Phantom wallet

Is it safe to connect my wallet?

Of course, we are not receiving or getting any access to your funds.

Can I invest in CryptomarketNFT project?

Yes, you can be a part of this project by investing. For more information reach out to us.